Hounds and knitting

I’ve found that collecting greyhounds and yarn for my stash are equally addicting.  Unfortunately, so are Mafia Wars and Farmville on Facebook. Who cares about the social network?  The games are the point.  I’ve noticed they must be the point for my friends, too, since our communication on the site seem to go through the games and not an actual discussion of anything going on in our lives.

Love my hounds.  Three beautiful fawns. Dani with the ears that only drop forward and never stand up or lay flat on her head.  Cowardly Merrill, who fears the evil wind monster, the plastic bag ogre and the other fearful objects that inhabit his world.  Affectionate Prinny, whose head bruises my hip because she has to be so close to me as I walk.

And knitting (weaving, too) Five projects going at once,  two shawls, a sock and a scarf, and a throw that it’s still too hot to finish.  My knitting bag goes everywhere with me.  I never know if someone is going to throw a meeting at me, or I have to stand in line at Walgreen’s waiting for an Rx.  I have a project for every occasion, including dental work.

Knitting and hounds keep me patient, teach me to be joyful about the smallest things in life.  Love my hounds and knitting.


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